Welcome to Dr. Wong's Solutions! Dr. Chi Pui Jeremy WONG is originally from Hong Kong with a strong interest in science, especially physics and mathematics, and he graduated with a PhD degree in chemical engineering from University of Alberta. His research as well as some of his guideline writings on molecular dynamics simulation can be found as belows:

Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Research Record

He strongly believes the prerequisite for doing good science is to understand philosophy. Science and technology are built upon the three moral virtues: wisdom (智), benevolence (仁) and courage (勇). He would like to share what he knows with his clients through consulting, tutoring and homeschooling services, to help them become independent thinkers and scientific researchers. Some of his side projects and lectures can also be found as belows:

Side Projects

Lecture Series on Statistical Mechanics

If you are interested, feel free to contact him at cpjwong@drwongssolutions.ca.